Symonds & Sampson Country Property Forum

Symonds & Sampson Country Property Forum

October, 2016

Symonds & Sampson Country Property Forum

Partners Nigel Sheppard and Richard Taylor from Symonds & Sampson made their way to The London Office yesterday to meet buyers from London and the Home Counties and were delighted to discover that there were plenty of buyers looking to relocate to Dorset, Somerset and Devon. Buyers came mostly from within the confines of the city, with one couple from Woking bringing a guide dog puppy ‘in training’ with them.

There was a distinct change in sentiment among buyers from that which they have recently experienced. The majority of buyers were keen to move to the country completely, rather than retain a property interest in the city. They only saw one second home buyer which was unusual in their experience. There is no doubt that the London market has stalled and perhaps the halt in previously rapidly escalating prices has been the catalyst for a move to the country.

All of those who visited The London Office were extremely grateful for the opportunity of meeting the partners and to discuss their requirements face to face with the agents who are operating on the ground and have an in depth knowledge of the area. One couple commented that this event was so much more helpful than merely visiting ‘Rightmove’ and trying to make decisions to view based on the click of a button.

All but one of the buyers that they met are planning to view property through them in the next few weeks. They had to seek the guidance of Andrew Carless at their Accounts department in Poundbury regarding suitable pubs and hotels in the Beaminster/Axminster areas to accommodate a weekend visit from buyers currently based in Wandsworth.

Nigel and Richard were encouraged that buyers were seeking properties in the £500,000 to £800,000 price range which has been a difficult sector during recent months.

A very successful day, well worth the planning and effort involved in taking our clients properties right into the heart of London. Some excellent contacts were made and they are confident that sales will be agreed as a direct result of their visit.

If you like to find out more about The London Office or are interested in your property being marketed in the Capital, please contact Milly English on 0207 839 0888.