Buyers Guide

Buying your home is rarely straightforward but, with our short checklist, you can be clear and focused in your approach.

Cast your net wide

Visit the local agents. Register with them and befriend them; make sure you are at the top of their list when something new comes to the market. Scour the local papers, search the property portals and agents' own websites and keep an eye open for ‘for sale’ boards in your preferred area.

Budget aware

Standard lending ratios are traditionally three times the principal earner's gross income plus one times the second income, or two and a half times joint gross income. Speak to your mortgage broker/ financial advisor ahead of your search so that you have a clear idea at the outset of what you can afford. There are always 'extra costs' and these should be factored in.

Wish list

Write a wish list and then prioritise. Be clear about what on your list is essential and where there is room for compromise. Think also about the bigger picture, whether this is a long-term move and how your property needs may vary in the future. Remember that if you find proeprties you like on our site you can save them to the MyTLO facility.


Try to remain open-minded. Many people surprise themselves by buying something quite different to their imagined purchase.

Viewing savvy

Prior to viewing it is a good idea to do some research. Try the internet, where you will find helpful sites. If you are viewing properties in unknown territories arrive early to get a good impression of the area. Assess the neighbours, the village and the general condition of other properties around - is this village reliably steady, on the up, or going downhill and what local facilities are available? Prepare any questions you may wish to ask. Search on the internet for information about the locality.

Carefully consider

Try not to make instant judgements. A great many things can be altered, particularly decorative and furnishing schemes, so do not be put off by other people's tastes. Instead, assess the accommodation that the property provides and consider how you might use the available space. Look for the potential.


Assess the property's general state of repair: roof, walls, windows and doors, plasterwork, wiring, plumbing and heating, kitchen fittings and bathroom sanitary ware. Arrange for a qualified Chartered Surveyor to carry out the survey.

Be aware

If the current sellers have carried out improvements, take note. Are there any alterations, which needed Planning Permission, Listed Building Consent or Building Regulations. If there are, is the documentation in order? View these prior to making an offer.

Room for improvement

If you are up for a challenge, do not be put off by properties that need some updating. If you are inexperienced, do get advice from professionals before taking on a project, but such challenges can be very rewarding and do provide you with the opportunity to put your own stamp on your home. Be aware of the inconvenience of carrying out major alterations. Location specifics.

Assuming you have found a property that you like, consider external factors such as where the morning and evening sun will be. Try to revisit the property at a different time on a different day in different weather. If you like a house in the rain, the chances are that you will love it in the sunshine, but bear in mind the noise from that nearby factory may not be as obvious on a Saturday afternoon or from that school across the road in the evening.

Purchasing power

Be clear and play fair. On average in the UK, we are now likely to move ten times in our lives, which makes very few of us experts. Listen to the agent but remember they are being paid by the vendor and be guided by your solicitor. Do not throw offers around and then withdraw when you have had time to re-consider. This is likely to be one of the biggest purchases of your life, so take the time to make an informed decision and then see it through.

Employ a Buying Agent to iron out a lot of the stresses of moving. For a small fee they will research suitable properties that meet your criteria and carry out the negotiations. For further information on accredited agents please contact us.